Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Velvet cards

I've mentioned in the past my love for velvet and so I have a lot of little velvet scraps left over from various projects that I can't bear to throw away.


Well, this little card project made me feel justified in keeping them all! Inspired by this photo that popped up somewhere on my blog roll (apologies to whoever's photo it is, I stupidly didn't save the link and now I can't remember, contact me if it's yours and I'll credit you) I made my own little versions and I'm pretty pleased with them. Next time I think I'd use more colours and make them into triangles like in the inspiration photo but I like the button in the middle as well. So many options!


See, the inspiration folder is already working its magic!


Vertiline In Love said...

Great idea! I have so many scraps - and also left over cards from when I intended to do something clever with them, it's starting to sound like I have a win-win situation on my hands. ;)

Yesterday was fun, you were missed! But well done you on being a good girl and studying away! The best of luck on the exams, hopefully I'll see you soon (I must email people about meeting up again sometime!) x Claira

M-J said...

ooh, I like! Thrifty and effective. The best of both worlds! xx

Lainey said...

I wonder if putting water on the velvet would make a water-staining effect? Could make an interesting element to cards!