Monday, 30 July 2012

Gluten and dairy free pancakes

I bought all the ingredients to make gluten and dairy free pancakes for a friend this weekend, but in the end life conspired against us and they were never made.  So this morning, I made them for Mum and I instead!


I used this recipe from Dairy Free and it was delicious, you'd never know you were eating dairy and gluten free.  I chopped up some strawberries and added them to the batter mix for half the pancakes and they were yummy.  There were even some left over so I know what I'm having for breakfast tomorrow!

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Reginald P. Upsworth gets a coat

This was the ultimate thrifty make, being constructed from a combination of a friend's old waterproof jacket, an old ikea fleece blanket and some stash velcro. Even the pattern was made by drawing round a dog coat onto lining paper.

Turns out its pretty hard to get a decent photo of a 5 month old puppy that's not blurry and doesn't have a bunch of crap in the background. Who knew?


Andrew thinks it looks like an NHS uniform,he reckons it makes him look like a dental assistant. I reckon he would definitely be a dentist, rather than an assistant. Dr. R. P. Upsworth.


Monday, 23 July 2012

Emily Hogarth Illustrations

I recently attended an exhibition at the Fruitmarket Gallery, because I'm a lady of leisure darhling.  Karen invited me because her friend Emily Hogarth had a stand.  It was a lovely evening, we browsed the craft, illustrations, art and textiles then went for a drink on George St, there's nothing like craft, wine and a natter with an old friend to put you in a good mood.

I bought two little cards that I'm planning on framing when we move house.  The black hedgehog below and the blue hedgehog above.  I think they'll look really nice as a pair hung together!

Check out her website anyway, she's lovely and her illustrations and papercuts are gorgeous, I think the hare might be my next purchase when I make a bit of money!

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Knitted mobile socks

It's been pretty busy here at Chez Taylor-Dyce, between the dog, the chickens, helping a friend emigrate, helping a friend immigrate and sorting my flat (we had a flood through a bookcase so currently all the books in the flat are in piles around the living room.  Oh, and I gave my desk away now I don't need it anymore, leading to a resort and clean of my study for the first time in 4 years.  Boy, there is a LOT of crap in that tiny room...)


So, in between times I've needed something quick and simple to knit in front of endless re-runs of the American Office.  I love that show to pieces, I've watched each episode at least 5 times, it's really quite tragic.  Since I'm low on money and high on time at the moment, I figured I might restart my Etsy shop, this time just focusing on handmade things.  I want to stock maybe 4 designs to begin with, something that I can make relatively quickly so I'm not making a ridiculous loss on my time and something I can make to a relatively professional standard.  So basically, nothing with zips.


For the moment, I've settled on mobile socks for my first design, using a super simple cable pattern my Mum taught me years ago.  I can knock one out in about 2 hours, using stash wool and buttons.  That's another restriction I've placed on myself for the shop, I can only use fabric or wool from my stash.  I'm planning a stash amnesty post soon where I show the true extent of my hoarding but to be honest, I'm scared that some of you are going to be put off my blog thinking I'm some kind of obsessive-compulsive packrat so I'm saving that for a braver day.


These four little socks are the first trials of my 'design' (by 'design' I mean, 'knitted rectangle').  I especially like the heather green sock, that was a ball of vintage wool from my stash, complete with price tag in pre-metric money.


These have yet to be blocked, which is why they look more wonky than rectangular, but I like the look already.  The last grey photo is with a mobile inside, so you can see how snuggly warm and protected your mobile would be!

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My first Sorbetto!

Remember my Summer Plans post, back in the dark time that was revising for finals?  Well, I've finally got round at least one of them!

The Sorbetto top is an amazing free pattern released by Coletterie, I've been planning on trying out a Coletterie pattern for a while now and this seemed like a good place to start.  I've been especially inspired by Did you make that Karen's tops (she's made at least 4 Sorbettos by now, what a machine!), it seemed so simple but with so many possibilities!


This one was for Victoria's birthday and I'm really pleased with how it turned out.  It was my first attempt at bias tape and although I think it looks neat on the outside, the inside leaves a lot to be desired...Still, practice makes perfect, just got to make more for me!


The fabric was a lovely drapey, possibly cotton (I'm so crap at knowing!) which I think was originally Vicky's that she gave to me in a fabric clear-out so what goes around, comes around...literally!


Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Last of the baby posts

Phew!  Hopefully this will be the last of the baby posts for a while, I've got a few little baby-related projects up my sleeve but for the moment I'm plodding away at the new house blanket and my jumper dress.


Lots has happened here at Chez Taylor-Dyce in the past few weeks, I finished my finals, passed and graduated and now am in job and house hunting mode.  We also adopted this wee man from the cat and dog home, he's a completely mental bundle of energy but he's also adorable (when he's sleeping!).  I'm really glad we got him while I'm unemployed though, I'm exhausted with the contant trek up and down 3 flights of stairs trying to toilet train, I can't imagine how I'd do it if I was working as well!




Exhausted but delighted

I also inherited 4 chickens off a friend emigrating back to the States, they're currently residing at Carolyn's house until we move somewhere with a garden but they are amazing, it's like having little dinosaurs in your back garden.


Photo stolen from Alison's Mum

It's funny, I thought once graduation was out of the way life would return to normal and I'd have this whole long summer of relaxing in front of me.  Sadly though, between dogs, chickens, house hunting, job hunting and all my friends gradually leaving the country, it's been a pretty unsettling few weeks.  I'm not complaining mind you, I'm delighted to finally be done with being a student, but it's definitely been an emotional rollercoaster.  I almost want to fast forward to the part where we're settled in a house with a garden and I have a job and life can go back to a nice, quiet routine.  I don't enjoy change at all, it's really quite tragic.

But!  You're not here to read about my life, you want to know about the crafts!  Well, there is nothing new and exciting here sadly.  It's another crocheted blanket and accompanying lamb.  Still, I'm pleased with how they both turned out and the new parents seemed delighted so all is good in the world.  And it was another little stash-bust, I'm quite proud of myself!