Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Edible beasts in all their forms

I am full of cold at the moment, I've just emerged from spending 2 days in bed shivering and snottering, not a pretty picture. As a result I have plenty of things to blog about but no energy to take photos and organise my thoughts, so here's a mainly picture post on the theme of 'edible beasts in all their forms'


My friend Danica made me this cake for Christmas and it's taken me this long to work out how to get the photos off my phone and onto my computer. Isn't he amazing?! I almost didn't want to eat him, but luckily he was too yummy not to. The spines are caramel filled chocolate buttons! He even has little claws, so cute!


My very talented friend Heather, of Heather's Cakes fame, made these hilarious 'wanger pops' for my friend MJ's hen do. I'm going to try and persuade Heather to do a little interview for me soon because her cakes are amazing and everyone should know about them. Watch this space!



hrudd_85 said...

Loving the blog entry...I have yet to put the wanger pops on my facebook page. I am a little worried about the response they may get!! Keep up the blogging, love reading about your craft projects! xxx

Amy said...

Haha, I wasn't very sure about putting penises on my blog, but then figured it's my blog, I can put up photos of what I like! They were properly tasty as well! xx