Monday, 11 April 2011

I'm back!

Hello hello! Apologies for the long break, I meant to write a formal 'I'm going to be away' type post before I went but sadly ran out of time between sitting an exam, celebrating the end of term, packing for 2 weeks away on placement, driving 400 miles and finally ending up in a house with barely any mobile signal, let alone internet.

I was helping to take care of these on placement ♥


Anyway, this is just a short one to say I'm back and normal service will resume shortly, I've just got to get my study on, unpack, get the flat back to normal (Andrew tried, bless, but I'm anal about these things...) and take care of the animals, we've got a Pickle staying with us at the moment, Tron is not best pleased.

Watch this space, crafty action to come!

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