Friday, 12 April 2013

Thrifted sheets to cushion covers

I made these for a colleague for her birthday.  She is constantly helping me at work and she's just moved house so it seemed like the perfect moment to repay the favour!  I've had the fabric for years, the continual stash busting continues, its really satisfying to see something that's been languishing in the cupboard for years turned into something pretty for a friend.


The cushion inners were from Ikea, I know I shouldn't but I do love that place, the market place is especially brilliant for projects like this.


Got to love the little Second Fiddle labels, they make them look so much more professional.


The fabric scraps were useful to turn this White Company box into a hamper for another friend's birthday present.  You could see the White Company logo through the fabric but I didn't have any plain cotton or interfacing to back the fabric, so I ended up backing it with kitchen roll!  It worked a treat and made it stick really well onto the box.


Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Train crafting

I've just come back from a lovely weekend in Devon with my two favourite lady friends.  It was great to just relax, craft, eat, drink and chat about anything and everything.  I came back feeling refreshed and keen to craft.  In fact, on the train on the way back I whipped up this little number for Isaac's first birthday. 



It's hard to model a kid's hat with ear flaps flat on the floor so here's a snapshot of a ball of wool modelling a small child's hat.  This is what I do in my lunch hour. 


The grey band along the bottom involves picking up stitches and knitting 3 rows.  It was probably my best attempt at picking up stitches to date but still not ideal, you can see that the band is tighter than the rest of the hat.  I really hope this won't be a problem for Isaac!  I didn't have a handy child to try it on so I had to send it off into the maw of Royal Mail and keep fingers crossed...