Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Still more giveaway fun!

Whilst waiting for an ebay auction to end tonight (nothing exciting, just a new filofax. But brown leather, yum!) I wasted time browsing blogs. And stumbled upon this gem of the blogosphere, The Brocantess. Her writing style is lovely and she's all about flea markets and thrifting, just my kind of blog.


She's doing a massive French vintage giveaway over on her blog so I thought I'd have a crack at entering (though with currently 140 other entrants, I don't think I stand much chance!).

So here we are Ms. Brocantess, consider SecondFiddle entered! Hmm...maybe that's a poor choice of words...

MJ's prize purse!

Here it is (finally), the purse won by the lovely Mary-Jane from my 50 hearts giveaway! It's only taken me...2 weeks to make it....

In my defence, I have scary exams looming (4 weeks and counting) plus numerous Christmas presents on the go, but still, that's no way to treat your blog reading public. I definitely resolve to do better next time, promise.

Apologies for the orange-tinted photos as well, it's dark here and I wanted to take a photo so I can get it sent off tomorrow. Watch out for the postie MJ, it's on the way!



Partly why it's taken so long is that I was umming and ahhing over the design. Normally I put buttons on the outside for decoration but this time I tried the patterned material on the outside and so buttons seemed a bit superfluous. I thought it needed something extra though but I couldn't work out what so in the end I left it, thinking 'less is more'. I hope she likes it .

More giveaway fun!

I'm slightly hooked on giveaways now, I'm entering The Green Violet's vintage giveaway over on her blog.

As proof I've entered and to spread the word, here's a little screen dump of my link on my facebook wall. So I've now promoted the giveaway twice! Hopefully that'll bring me twice the luck when it comes to picking a winner :)


Monday, 9 November 2009

Shanay's wee Hello Kitty bag

If I do say so myself, this is my best bag yet! It's so cute, the pink velvet is lovely to touch and I'm really pleased with how the felt Hello Kitty face turned out. The bag is for one of Andrew's relatives, a sweet little 6 year old girl. Her mum bought the purse from this post and this bag for Shanay's Christmas present, I wish I could be there to see how she likes them!





The bag is velvet on the outside, polka dot cotton on the inside. It's got a velcro fastening top and one of my Second Fiddle labels. I'm pretty proud of it :)

Sunday, 1 November 2009

And the winner is...


...number 1! M-J Fleming, thank you for your entry, let me know what design you'd like for the inside and outside of the purse :)

Everyone else, thank you so much for entering and keep an eye on the blog for future giveaways, I'm planning one to celebrate 10 sales (on 9 at the moment!) and one for 100 hearts (on 67 at the moment!).