Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Windowsill Farm returns!

After my rather disastrous attempts at gardening outside last year, this year I've decided to remain focused on gardening on my windowsill. My small, overgrown shared tenement garden is just too damp, dark and shady to really grow anything properly and I don't have the time right now to put in the amount of effort needed to really make a go at it. I'm pretty bad for biting off more than I can chew and so my resolve this year to garden inside is part of an ongoing attempt to try and rein myself in, rather than spreading myself too thin and then becoming stressed and upset when I can't do my best with all my various projects.


In it's defence, Windowsill Farm can be very productive! It's only March and I already have my first harvest, the tiniest amount of dried organic lemon balm, ready to be made into tea. I'm pretty excited since my lemon balm plant was from my Gran's garden and so was free to begin with, plus it's growing amazingly quickly, I'm going to cut it down and dry it again before I go away on Saturday for 2 weeks, I'm sure by the time I come back I'll have another crop ready and waiting!


I think I'm going to need a new rosemary, my 3rd plant in 2 years. Sigh, I just can't seem to keep them going, they grow fine to begin with, then quickly develop brown tips to their leaves and stop putting on new growth. Still, for £1.99 a plant, given that they go for about a year before I have to replace them, I think I get my money's worth in fresh rosemary for lamb joints and baked Camembert...mmm...

I'm hopefully bringing back with me from my Mum's garden an African violet and a bay plant, the bay plant I'm especially excited for since I buy fresh bay leaves reasonably regularly for cooking, it's going to be amazing to grow some for free instead!


Also, check out my amazing crafty stickers my friend Lydia bought for my birthday last year. They're so cute! I'm pretty anal about organisation so it was an awesome present, I quickly set about using them to organise my 'important things' file, my tins and mason jars in the kitchen and my sewing notions. So sad but so satisfying!

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