Friday, 22 October 2010

Alison's picture

My friend Alison gave me this to say thank you for looking after her adorable corgi over the summer. It's made by her sister, who is currently creating a series of illustrations she wants to have made into a children's book. The series is called 'Animal Prosthetics' and involves two animals, joined together in some way.


Alison thought of this one for me because of Hobbes, in case you can't tell from my rather poor photo, it's a hedgehog on giraffe legs. The background to me looks apocalyptic, like this hedgehog has had to fight for his life with the giraffe, who clearly came off worse.

In other news, I'm having a clothes crisis again. Sigh. The Great Wardrobe Sort was good for getting rid of stuff I don't wear, but it's left me with this patchy wardrobe where barely anything goes with anything else. I know the next stage in the process was supposed to be me buying or making the things I need and that worked great for a while with the sandals and blouse (and hopefully soon my brogues!) but it's ground to a halt with my lack of funds and time to either buy or make anything. I'm starting to wish I could just go out and buy a whole load of new clothes, but with my large negative bank balance, it would involve a trip to Primark and that would be against everything I've ever cared for about clothes.

It didn't help that when I was talking to Andrew about it last night, he described my clothes as 'sometimes a bit frumpy' but that it was 'OK, because that's my style'. I think I might cry.


M-J said...

aww, don't cry! I've decided I need a bit of a wardrove overhaul myself, and have decided that I need to find a style icon, e.g. katie holmes or whoever, and then whenever I am shopping, think "would katie wear this?". Might be stupid but I've managed to rule out a lot of impulse buys and seem to be accumulating more classic clothes, I hope! xx

Amy said...

That's a really good idea! Though you honestly didn't look pregnant in that top last weekend, I think those drunken boys took some shocking photos! xx