Friday, 1 October 2010

Wee leather bag

I bought this bag a few years back from a car boot sale and I use it ALL the time. It's my 'going-out-to-the-pub-for-a-casual-night-out' bag (as opposed to my going-out-for-a-big-night-out-clutch (photos to follow, its in the process of being fixed) or my every-day-bag).

I'm definitely a creature of habit, once I find a bag or outfit that I know works for me, I'll use it again and again and again. I do like brown leather as well, it goes with everything in my wardrobe and so I know I don't have to think about it when I grab this bag and head out.



This little bag was a proper thrifty find, a steal at £1.50. Unfortunately a few months after I bought it, the stitching started coming out where the handle meets the bag, so it used to spin round and dump its contents all over the pavement. I took it to Timpson to get it fixed and they did a TERRIBLE job, the stitching was all wonky and it started coming out almost immediately. They only charged me £5 though so I guess you get what you pay for. Eventually I bit the bullet and took it to the super-expensive Mana Craft in Bruntsfield, it's a shop that sells and repairs leather items (oh my goodness, their bags...*droools*...) and they charged me £20 but they did an amazing job, it was totally worth it. Now the strap is fixed on with 3 metal studs so I know it'll last me a lifetime. And really, £26.50 isn't bad for a bag that I use all the time!

I'd like to know where this bag was from originally, it hasn't got any labels but I've seen similar ones on people in the street so I wonder if it was popular for a while? Any one recognise it?

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