Tuesday, 26 October 2010

All Hallow's Eve

Well, Halloween and the end of October is fast approaching, what's everyone planning on wearing for All Hallow's Eve? I'm planning an ewok costume, if it works out then photos will most definitely follow!

I was away in Inverness last weekend visiting Andrew's folks and so between being miles behind with work and the dire lack of light and good weather needed to take photos, I'm behind on my blogging as well. I'm planning for Sunday to be 'taking Etsy and blog photos' day and have recruited Andrew for some full length shots of my recent excursions into sewing so hopefully watch this space.

In the meantime though, lets see what Etsy has to share with us on the subject of Halloween. I've filtered out everything but clothing since it relates to my last post and I needed to cut down on the 157,134 results when you type 'Halloween' into the search box!

This Bigfoot Vs. Yeti: Ultimate Throwdown t-shirt made me laugh out loud, I wonder who would win? From TeeShirt Gnome


This Black rhinestone bustier is so glamorous, definitely not just for Halloween. From Dark Pony Designs


Wow, what a super creepy t-shirt, perfect for Halloween! From Cadillac Cowboy.


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