Friday, 23 July 2010

Sandals, how I love thee

So, from the Great Wardrobe Sort of 2010, I can now officially cross 'sandals' and white blouse off the list. Y'know, I'm a terrible person and I forgot to mention in my post about the blouse that I bought it off Etsy from Cherry Bloom Vintage, who I would thoroughly recommend. Another shop I would definitely recommend is Lousy Beatnik, who I bought these adorable sandals from. They're vintage leather and fit perfectly, though they're going to take a bit of breaking in I think, my foot keeps sliding to the back of the shoe. I love them though, they go with trousers and will soon go with skirts and shorts too, just as soon as I get my act together and make myself some.


The updated list of 'to make or buy':
♥ Alter the camisole so it fits
♥ Knit pair of winter gloves
♥ Buy or make a swimming costume
♥ 2 pretty bras and a sports bra
♥ Pair of jeans/trousers for flat shoes
♥ Pair of winter trousers for flat shoes
♥ Pair of cords
♥ A cardigan
♥ A summer skirt
♥ A summer dress to wear with belts
White/cream blouse
♥ Tank tops in various colours but starting with white, green or purple
♥ T-shirts in the above colours
♥ Another going out top or dress

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