Tuesday, 20 July 2010

New wardrobe

As I've mentioned before, I'm in the process of sorting my wardrobe. This basically involves getting rid of anything that I don't wear/doesn't suit me/I bought because it was cheap in a charity shop and starting to make and buy a wardrobe that I like and wear. I've got an inventory post to come, from when I first went through and sorted my clothes but it'll be a long post to write and I should be studying right now.

So instead, we'll start the story a few chapters in, at the acquiring-new-clothes part (which, lets be honest, is everyone's favourite part anyway). I decided while I was sorting that what I need to bring a few jumpers out more is a white or cream blouse. You know the jumpers, everyone's got them, the colours are difficult to match with a t-shirt or the collar is too low or too high so any t-shirt worn underneath either doesn't get seen (if the collar is too high and thus you look like you've not got anything on underneath) or you see too much of it, including the print on the front that doesn't go with the jumper. So I scoured Etsy and used the money in my paypal from my latest sale to buy this little gem:


It's super cute, from the 1960s according to the seller. It's cream, with petal sleeves (that don't make me feel like I've got super butch arms so score there) and cute embroidery around the sleeves and pocket. The collar is plain though, which is what I wanted, so it'll go with a variety of different jumpers. So far I've worn it out to lunch with my friend Fiona and she instantly noticed it was new and complimented me on it, so overall a success!

Right, the full story of the wardrobe sort will be coming in the new few days, promise!

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