Friday, 28 January 2011

Thrifted coasters

Here are those thrifted French coasters I mentioned in yesterday's post. Aren't they sweet? I want to gradually replace the American flag coasters we were given by Andrew's folks, it's a nice gesture but they're so tacky! I want to eventually cover them in some other photos and varnish them like these ones over on Craftster (I especially like that idea since she used ceramic tiles as well, what an awesome idea!).


The blue and white one is a ceramic coaster I bought from Whittard's when I first went to uni, I love it so much, I wish I'd bought more than one!


Also, check out these amazing felt coasters I won in a giveaway from Bugs and Fishes! Laura runs a lovely site called Lupin Handmade selling adorable felt goodies, I love the bird brooches especially, my Mum would love this goldfinch:


I hope everyone has nice plans for the weekend! I have lots of work and chores to catch up on but I'm looking forward to a weekend in the flat to get organised and relax. Tonight's plan is Country Living in the bath with a glass of red wine...bliss...


Kelsey said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and saw the French advert coasters. I'm living in Paris right now and the same ones are sold all along the banks of the Seine, but they are four for 10euro. Congrats on getting such a good deal!

Amy said...

Wow, what a bargain I got! I love car boot sales! It's a shame there weren't 4, I did think 3 was a strange number but then you get what you're given when you're car booting!