Friday, 14 January 2011

Hedgehog hot pocket

Ahh, they grow up so fast...*wipes away tear*...

Remember when Hobbes AKA The Tronasaurus ( see how we got there) was just a tiddly wee thing?


Well he grew up, into a grumpy huffy hedgehog and in the process, he burst out of his original hot pocket like a tiny prickly version of The Hulk.

Since then, Andrew's been badgering me to make him another hot pocket and in my frustration at not being able to finish my jacket last night, I figured a simple, easy sewing project would help me feel a bit less rubbish.

Since there's a Transformer called Megatron, coupled with the fact that Andrew is a giant Transformers dork, it seemed the perfect opportunity to use up the Transformers fat quarter I've had lurking in my stash for so long. I would have preferred a FQ that had the original cartoons on, instead of the Hollywood versions but then equally I would have preferred a boyfriend who wasn't far too old to be still watching children's television so c'est la vie.



Andrew's favourite Transformer from the film was Bumblebee, who could turn into a super fast car. Mine was Perceptor, who could turn into a microscope. I'm that cool.


I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out though and Tron seems to like it too so that's the main thing. It's lined with black fleece and has a layer of batting in between the lining and cotton outer layer, for added warmth. Tron is also now a famous hedgepig, with a film, a church, a theatre and a pub named after him. True story.

I'm pleased, you may feed me now


We're done here, you may leave now


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va said...

so cute ! you know you could have your own youtube channel just about him . i have seen hedgehog vids on there before .

Amy said...

Haha, if Hobbes had a youtube channel, he'd be even more grumpy and demanding than he is already. Then he'd be getting drunk and doing drugs, hanging out with the wrong folk, going to rehab, shaving off his spines and developing a reputation as a 'bad hog'.

Much better this way I feel.

Sarah said...

He is soooo cute!!!

Amy said...

Thank you! I think so but then obviously I'm biased!

Knititall said...

Oh, he's awesome! Hedgehogs rock anyway but with that pocket he's really badass. You don't want to encourage him to shave off his spines though, no good ever comes from that.