Saturday, 8 January 2011

Alpaca Christmas jumper and WIP

Another quick post today as I have pages of boring notes to try and memorise before my exam on Wednesday. Le sigh.

I bought this amazing alpaca wool jumper off St Albans market while I was at home for Christmas as part of my brother Danny's present. It's so soft and snuggly, 70% alpaca, and since he requested a 'funky Christmas jumper', I figured this ticked all the boxes. I miss not having a market in Edinburgh, there's the farmers' market on a Saturday morning but it's reasonably expensive, nice for a treat but not for regular shopping. The St Albans market is much more of a mix of expensive, artisan food stalls, mixed in with your regular fish monger, butcher and veg stalls, plus crafts, fabric, random-crap stalls with flags with weed on them and rainbow bags etc, cheap shoes, cheese stalls and whatnot, there's something for everyone.

Here's the jumper, that's Sally (Danny's girlfriend), aren't they pretty? And check out the tiny alpacas round the yoke!


In work in progress news, I've finally started the Coraline cardigan. Well, I say finally, I knitted a gauge square back in September, and have yet to do anything with it since then. I tried to cast on the other day but it calls for a 'provisional cast on' so I need to wait until I can sit in front of the computer and teach myself with the aid of you tube. So when I say 'started' what I really mean is 'about to start'. But that's half the battle, right?

My first ever gauge square!


I also made an Etsy sale as well, woo! 2 vintage monogrammed hankies have gone to a new home and I've already converted the paypal monies into a pack of 25 plain cards with matching envelopes so I can make cards this year. It's going to be a frugal year since I hit the bottom of my overdraft over Christmas so I figure making my own birthday and thank you cards will save me a tonne of cash! And it only cost £4.30 for 25 cards off Ebay, bargain!

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