Monday, 24 January 2011

Crafting and thrifting in Glasgow

It's been almost a week since my last post, apologies fellow craftsters! I've been busy with my friend Vicky (designer of my lovely banner) to stay and a crafty, thrifty weekend was had by all!

On Saturday we took the train through to Glasgow to meet Vicky's friend Ruth, who was billed by Vicky as being "just like you but a foot taller!" How true this was! Ruth did Zoology at uni (just like me!), is into knitting (just like me!) and thrifting (just like me!) and is an all-round awesome person (obviously, just like me).

We did some hard-core charity shopping which ended with my awesome haul of 1 Phillippa Gregory book, 1 Penguin copy of Moby Dick, 3 vintage knitting patterns for Aran jumpers and 1 ENORMOUS brushed cotton floral nightie in properly old lady style that I plan to cut up and make into pyjamas. I will definitely be sharing a photo of the latter with you all, it is hilarious.

On the way we also checked out a range of Glasgow's mighty fine vintage shops, my favourite being Starry Starry Night. I've linked you to the lady's blog who provided the photo, since the shop itself doesn't have a website. It was so pretty from the outside, down a little cobbled lane strung with fairy lights, painted green with window boxes that in summer I can imagine will be filled with flowers and ivy. There were loads of amazing little tucked-away corners like this, I'd love to go back when I have some money and do some proper vintage shopping.


We eventually stopped for a cup of tea at The Life Craft, a crafting space and shop with a tea room. It is amazing and has only been open a short while, so I can only imagine how amazing it will be in the future. Bizarrely, it's the same place I'm going in February with some friends for a craft day, I had no idea what the name of the place was until we pitched up and I recognised it! Looking at the classes available, I'm hoping to do 'Basic alterations' and 'Introduction to crochet' on the day. We just had tea this time round though.


Apologies for the lack of actual crafting posts, I have several things to share but haven't had a chance to take photos! It gets dark so early still and I don't want to post rubbish photos with the flash on so watch this space. In sad knitting news, I'm going to have to take out the work in progress cardigan, having knitted a good few inches of it now, I'm realising that it's going to be too big :-( I want to do it properly so it fits when its done, it's just so frustrating. Still, a good opportunity to practice my provisional cast on again I guess!


Debi said...

This is FANTASTIC! I'll have to check out these places!

Amy said...

Glad to be of service! I'll be sure to do more of these posts in the future, just have to remember to take my own photos next time!