Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Second snow day!

Well, it's officially still snowing here in Edinburgh, uni is closed again and I'm sat in the flat with the radiators on, keeping warm and catching up with studying. Later I'm planning on walking to meet Andrew after work, though I'm banned from throwing snowballs since he got pissy about it last night. Also I nearly hit a poor girl.

In the meantime though, I thought I'd share these amazing vintage sheepskin mittens with you all. They were my Mum's from when she was at uni so are at least 30 years old and I claimed them last Christmas when I was visiting my folks and had forgotten gloves.



They have been an absolute godsend in the snow, they're thick and warm with the sheep wool inside but the leather outside makes them practically waterproof. I can clear the car without getting freezing fingers and throw badly aimed snowballs without getting frost bite. Two thumbs up to the mittens!

All this snow has got me to thinking about how people pull together in times of need. I know it sounds cheesy but yesterday when I was digging the car out and again when I got it stuck in a drift, people were so friendly and helpful, stopping to check we were OK and offering to give us a push. It seems like during a normal day people walk around with their heads down, not making eye contact with each other, let alone speaking to each other, and yet as soon as something happens to unite us suddenly neighbours are offering help to elderly people in their building or strangers will stop to help you dig out your car. It's nice that behind all those barriers we put up to the world, most of us are happy and willing to reach out to each other when needed. I guess it's just a shame that we can't be more like that on a normal day!


Barbara said...

Vintage!!! I used to have a pair like that! (It was a long time ago though.)

Amy said...

Aren't they brilliant?! I don't know how I would manage in the snow without them, I would have got frostbite 5 times over by now!