Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Here are the buttons I promised you from yesterday's bargain fabric find post. It's such a grey day here I had to lighten it a little so you could see the detail on the black buttons.


The GPO stands for 'General Post Office', which according to Wikipedia has been abolished since 1969, making these little black beauties at least 41 years old! I'll have to save them for something special I think!

I snapped up the leather buttons, you can't seem to buy them actually made of leather any more, it's all fake plastic. The gold one is pretty intriguing, it looks like a crown with a bird (maybe an eagle? Or is that just my over-active imagination?) over the top, I wonder what that represents? EDIT: apparently the gold one is from an RAF uniform, thanks Jennifer!

And all for just 30p!

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Stephanie said...

Very cool. Love it when you can date something back!