Monday, 29 November 2010

Snow day

I'm sure you're all sick of seeing these blog posts but since I'm stuck in my flat with no other photos to post (and it's too grey and dark to take any!), here's the view from my front window.


Genereally at this time of year you can see from this window all the way to Arthur's Seat, across the Meadows. As you can see, this morning you can barely see to the other side of the road!

I started off to uni but was defeated halfway out and had to turn back (what a shame). We dug the car out of the snow twice and eventually gave up and came home, where I consoled myself with knitting, tea and a home baked muffin from Jessica.

Now to catch up on work, sigh...


the fabled needle (jen) said...

wow, this makes me wish it would snow in l.a.!

Amy said...

Haha, it's pretty awesome for the first few days, but soon loses its charm when you need to go out and do anything!

Stephanie said...

So pretty! I love when the sun comes out and everything glistens. Hope you've been able to get out by need for cabin fever!! <3

Amy said...

I can just about make it out, though it involves digging out the car or sliding all over the pavements on 2 inches of ice!

I wish I could take better photos though, there are so many pretty ice/snow related moments where I think "I should photograph that!"