Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tapestry swallows

I have a bit of a thing for tapestry. I feel quite hypocritical because when Danny and I were younger, we used to laugh at the lady who lived across the road from us because she had a tapestry bag. Being in our early teens, we thought this was just the saddest thing EVER and used to mock her mercilessly behind her back. I'm so ashamed. The irony is, I love tapestry now, one day I'm going to be that middle aged, slightly frumpy lady with the tapestry bag that the obnoxious teens across the street will laugh about. Circle of life and all that, eh?

My current purse is tapestry, as is my favourite clutch bag. I have a pair of lovely thrifted tapestry cushions and now have just been gifted this half-finished tapestry of swallows from Andrew's mum.


It used to belong to his Granny, until she couldn't really see well enough to sew anymore, so it came to Viv when they cleared her house after she died. She's in the process of sorting through her house now, since they've had 2 grandparents die in the past 3 years the house is FULL of amazing vintage treasures (and quite a lot of rubbish!) so a lot of it is being passed onto Andrew and I. Some of it I'm under strict instructions to sell on Ebay for her and some is for us to keep and use ourselves. I really like this tapestry, I'm going to finish it off and make it into a cushion cover I think.


M-J said...

Wow, great tapestry! It's really nice that's it's part done too, like you and Andrew's gran were working towards something together.

What a shame for that poor middle aged lady with the tapestry bag. I won't hold it against you, though if you do ever get a Mary Poppins style large carpet bag, I will mock you!

Amy said...

Aww, that's a really nice way of thinking about it :-)

And feel free to mock if I ever buy a Mary Poppins bag! Although it would be super handy to be able to carry a lamp around with me! xx