Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Inverness photo shoot

I took advantage of having a garden a few weeks back when Andrew and I visited his folks in Inverness to have a bit of a photo shoot. Andrew makes for a good camera man, he directed me to stand and look in certain ways to avoid my usual photo catastrophes of double chin/stupid expression/eyes closed. I made sure to wear make up to avoid the Shiny/Red Face Effect (although sometimes this strikes even when I'm wearing make up) and overall I'm pretty pleased with the results.

You can check the listings out over in the clothing section of the shop, although you might have seen these on the blog before, these photos were an improvement on some of the grainy or dark or fuzzy photos that were the best I could manage by myself in the flat.

Vintage Scottish fairisle cardigan


Vintage handknit sweatervest


Vintage handknit cabled blue jumper


Vintage handknit black lace jumper


Vintage yellow sweater vest with flower buttons


Lets hope they find nice homes!


M-J said...

Great photos Amy! Andrew does seem to have an eye for it right enough, and you've certainly mastered the make-up application and "looking into middle distance" expression! you look fab. Hope these photos help them sell. x

Amy said...

Aw, thank you! I've found that if I look straight into the camera my expression always looks a bit weird (maybe that's just my face?!) so it's better to look off somewhere else instead!
Maybe one day I'll be able to afford a proper model!
Loving your latest blog entries by the way, it's awesome to read you more often! xx