Sunday, 20 February 2011

Etsy shop update

Apologies for the mini-blog break everybuddy, my folks came up on Thursday to celebrate my Dad's 54th and my Grandad's 80th birthdays so I spent Tuesday and Wednesday evenings frantically cleaning the flat and catching up on work before they arrived.

Also, apologies for never sharing the full photos of the Etsy shop preview I teased you all with last week, it was a gorgeous thick handknitted aran cardigan that I was all set to list in the shop until my Mum took a fancy to it this weekend and bought it off me! Unfortunately the weather was too miserable to take a decent photo of it before they left this morning (and we were drunk or walking the dogs for the rest of the time so no photography happened there either). Still, I quickly reinvested the money on Saturday when Mum and I went thrifting and I came back with these 2 jumpers and 2 amazing wool tartan skirts, one of which I'm considering keeping and shortening for me to wear. Mum also bought me 2 vintage tweed wool suits for £15 each, a complete bargain and a lovely surprise gift when Mum insisted on paying. I'm going to have to wait for someone to help me photograph them and I want to take up one of the skirts, but they're AMAZING!

In the meantime though, check out these beauties...

Vintage 1980s Scottish fair isle jumper 1


Vintage 1980s Scottish fair isle jumper 2


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