Monday, 14 February 2011

Work in progress: bathmat

Years ago I made this bathmat from knitted t-shirts. It's practical but as my first attempt, it's pretty wonky and ugly. It's the back-up bathmat for the second one I made, which is pretty much used every day except the 2 days it takes to wash and dry it! I like this one much better, it's less wonky because I worked out that I had to try and cut the t-shirts the same width each time, otherwise you end up with one really thick row followed by one really thin (you can see a work in progress photo over here). As you can see this still didn't quite work in this one either but at least I know where I went wrong!


I'm not entirely happy with this one still though, if I was to make it again I'd try and choose my colours better, this one is a bit random and not in a good way. It's because I was just using up what t-shirts I had when Andrew's old flatmate gave me a load to craft with, I'd like to make it again without the wonky edges and with more of a chosen colour scheme. For the moment though, I'm happy to just use what I have, I'm in no great hurry to try making another one, it took me ages to cut up those t-shirts and knit with them!


On the subject of bathmats (now there's a sentence), I'm in the process of making a jaunty nautical-themed bath mat for Frances' new house. I say new, she moved into this house back in November and I promised I'd make her a bath mat as a house warming present, since I made her last one and apparently they used it until it fell to pieces. I like the style of that one, but I wanted something quicker this time, since I'm already 3 months late! So I ditched the patchwork idea and just went with a big rectangle instead. I thought I'd jolly it up a bit with an embroidered anchor but I'm not sure it's going to look very good in the end. I figure I'm so late though, I'll just have to finish it up and send it off, I can make up for it's rubbishness with an extra special birthday present in April!

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