Saturday, 16 April 2011

Thrifting down south

I didn't have a lot of opportunities for thrifting while I was away on placement, I was busy during the day and spent the weekends hanging out with my folks. On my last day in St Albans though, we went to a beer festival and on the way back from the toilets I spotted a book shelf stuffed full of books for 30p. 30p! It would have been hard to pass that opportunity by even if I hadn't been half cut at the time.


This pile of logs is the ultimate in thrift, I dragged the MASSIVE branch from whence they came home from walking the dog a few months back and it's been sat outside our front door waiting to be chopped up. I came home from placement to find Peter, my friend's husband, had kindly sawn it up for me when they came to feed Tron while Andrew was away on a stag do. And what a beautiful job he did of it. Can't wait to burn them in the autumn now! I'm definitely going to carry on collecting branches from the park, free fuel, why wouldn't you?


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