Thursday, 14 April 2011

Etsy shop update

I found this lovely tweed skirt on a brief thrifting trip this week, in between getting the food shop done. It's everything I like in clothes; tweed, wool, Scottish and in neutral, easily matched colours. I know it's not technically the season for tweed, but living in Britain I feel it's always the season for tweed! It's landed over here in the shop if anyone is interested.


I'm hoping to get to the Borders Scrap Store this weekend, they're having a craft fair and car boot sale and it would be great to get stocked up on some vintage lovelies for the shop, I made 3 sales while I was away and the shelves are looking a little bare! I've also got some more fat quarters to cut up, they've been reasonably popular so far so I want to get some more of them listed, I love selling craft items to craft people, it's nice to think of the lovely things they're going to be making with them.

I'm also in the process of working on a crochet blanket for a secret present, knitting a jumper dress for Vicky and a plodding along with my Coraline cardigan. It's not that I'm not enjoying it, I've just got so many other projects on the go as well!

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