Friday, 2 July 2010

Start of the wardrobe sorting...

So, I Sorted My Wardrobe the other day. This deserves capitals because it was emotionally draining on everyone involved (namely Andrew and I) and sparked a tiny row when Andrew didn't, in my mind, express enough interest in the process.

Anyway, I'm not going to talk about it just yet (it's just...too...painful...) but a few exciting things came to light that I thought I should photograph and blog about before I send them on to the Big Wardrobe In The Sky.

My first attempt at gloves. I knitted them from a pattern but miscounted the rows in some of the fingers, meaning some fingers are far too long and others are far too short. I don't know if the photo makes it clear enough but the index finger on the left hand is at least 2 inches too long, making me look like I'm wearing one of those polystyrene giant hands you get at baseball games. Anyway, I wore them all last winter and am now binning them since I'm knitting myself some chunky cabled gloves to match my chunky cabled scarf (which is finished by the way, just waiting on the weekend so Andrew can take some photos of me wearing it).


My first (and possibly last) attempt at making pants. I know what you're thinking right now, "seriously?! Isn't life too short to make your own pants?!". Well, I'm not going to correct you, these were a giant pain in the bum (ho. ho. ho.). But still, there's something very satisfying about making your own pants, especially when you're recycling old t-shirts at the same time. I'm pretty certain the idea came from this book, but I could be mistaken. Anyway, I've worn these pants a lot, including once to a wedding where I got drunk and showed them off to a group of people who didn't believe I was wearing homemade pants. These are also the pants that inspired my Dad to introduce me to my cousin's fiancé for the first time as, "This is my daughter Amy, she makes her own pants". The poor girl wasn't the type to appreciate that either, being of a Radley-bag-and-Debenhams-account persuasion.
Now I've discovered the wonder that is American Apparel jersey boy briefs (awesomely bright colours, super comfy AND sweatshop free), I have no need to make my own pants any more. Which isn't to say I won't do it again for the fun of it of course.



Lost in the Forest said...

I make my own pants! I also end up showing them to people when they don't believe me...haha.

Carolyn said...

Amy I properly laughed out loud! I can just imagine Owen's face if I got him to help me sort out my wardrobe... And I love the 'This is my daughter, she makes her own pants'. Brilliant!

M-J said...

Amy you are an actual leg end! Made me laugh A LOT!