Tuesday, 6 July 2010

MJ's cushions

Back in January, I went to stay for a weekend on MJ's farm in the Borders with Heather. We spent the weekend walking by the Tweed, skimming stones, eating cake, drinking wine and sitting by the log-burning stove. It was lovely.

While I was there, MJ was saying that her Mum was planning a big clear out of the house, seeing as they now have at least 3 generations worth of stuff and barely any of it is used any more. Fast-forward to April and Mary Jane arrives at my flat with not one but two MASSIVE sacks of fabric, it was like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one!

There were duvets, sheets, linens and fabric in there, as well as some amazing vintage annuals that I'm planning on turning into notebooks. I bought some lovely tweed off her as well so now my fabric stash has grown and Andrew is rolling his eyes. Besides the tweed, Mrs Fleming gave it all to me for free and to thank her, I made her some cushions for their summer house. The fabric was off her grandfather's bedspread so it was really nice to make something for someone that has a real sentimental value. I hope these went down well!


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