Thursday, 29 July 2010

Embroidered wedding presents

I've only tried embroidery once before (and it sucked a little) but I've been inspired by some lovely things I've seen on Etsy recently so I thought I'd have another go.

A work colleague of Andrew's is getting married in August and we've been invited to the evening reception. I don't really know what the protocol is with evening guests and presents but since Andrew will be contributing to the work pool for her present, I thought I'd whip up something simple and quick as a more personal gift. I was going to get a nice card and bag to present it in, make it look a bit more professional!


I was inspired in part by this adorable 'engraved on a tree' embroidered cushion cover from Cosy Blue. Definitely hearted for the next anniversary present!


Speaking of embroidery (and this girl most definitely DOES NOT suck), how amazing are these silk clutches for bridesmaids from Clutch That? I almost feel like the wee birdie might fly away.


I love the idea of embroidering the wedding invitation artwork onto a pillow case as a wedding present, it's so personal. Brought to you by Elle Thornton.


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elle thornton said...

Aww thanks Amy! I'm so chuffed to be featured on your blog! I'm sure your little embroidered heart will be cherished forever by Jenny and Duncan - hope you have fun at the wedding :o) Elle x