Monday, 24 May 2010

Plans for the summer

Goodness, another long gap, apologies. I've got my last exam on Friday, then I'm away on placement for 3 weeks, then I promise I'll get back to blogging regularly!

I have lots of plans for this summer, I'm not going anywhere because I have an exam to study for in August, so I'm planning lots of nice crafty things to keep myself from going mental. I'm trying not to get bummed out about everyone else going off on holiday while I'm stuck in the library...

So, here's a list of everything I plan to do craft-related this summer, we'll see in September whether I manage to stick to it or not!

♥ Start the Official Sorting of the Wardrobe. This is a plan I've had for so long, every since I started realising that my wardrobe is full of rubbish that I bought because it was cheap in charity shops rather than because I like it/it fits/it suits me. It's inspired by the Sew Weekly, Fashion on the Ration and my newest blog (introduced to me by Jessica ) New Dress a Day. Basically the plan is to empty my wardobe, sort through it and make a list of everything I need to make to get the most out of my clothes. For example, perhaps if I made myself a blue cardigan, I could get 3 new outfits out of clothes I already had but don't wear because I've got nothing that goes with them. Does that make sense? Once I've made The Master List, I can start sewing and knitting the clothes I need to have a put-together, organised wardrobe full of things I love and wear, rather than the shambolic, charity-shop-bin-bag wardobe I have at the moment where I wear around 20% of the clothes I own.
♥ Make another purse for MJ
♥ Make a bag for Jess
♥ Make Helen and Callum's wedding quilt
♥ Attend more craft group meetings
♥ Make more items for my Etsy shop. This includes tote bags, plastic bag holders, bath mats, purses, knitted mittens and vinyl noticeboards.
♥ Buy more vintage items for my Etsy shop. These are the best sellers but I haven't bought anything new for ages now.

I think that'll do me for the moment, I'm sure I'll soon think of new things to add to the list!

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