Sunday, 4 July 2010

Hedgehogs and tea

Hedgehogs and tea might be the best combination of things in the whole world. How adorable is this tea cosy?! My friend Danica gave it to me for my birthday, which was fitting because it was a ladies' afternoon tea party. I baked scones to have with cream and jam, mississippi mud pie and made salmon and cream cheese oatcakes, ham sandwiches and egg mayo sandwiches (with the crusts cut off obviously). My uni friends brought homebaked cheese cake, victoria sponge with fresh cream and raspberries and fruit salad whilst Franca of Oranges and Apples brought yummy pistachio cupcakes and Claira of Vertiline in Love brought flapjacks and chocolate crunch, all wrapped up in a super pretty box. We had SO MUCH food, it was amazing.

The wonderful new tea cosy:

Andrew with said cosy on his head:

The food! There was more than this, I couldn't fit it all into one shot!

P.S. Made another Etsy sale today! The Aviator jacket has gone to a new home!

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