Friday, 19 March 2010

New Etsy items!

I keep forgetting to update the blog with new Etsy items, so if you're new to the blog or shop, pop on over to Etsy to check out my vintage and handmade things!

In the meantime, here's the two latest. I like blogging about the things that end up on Etsy, it's nice to share the story of how I came to own or make them.

This one was given to me by Andrew's mum, I think it's brilliant but I look SO ridiculous in it! It's a shame because I did a little research into the brand and although this one is vintage, the brand Nurseys is still going and is over 200 years old!


This second one is so lovely, I bought it from a vintage shop in London over Christmas with the intention of altering it and wearing it to Frances' wedding. I was going to lower the neckline a bit to make me look slightly less like a small child dressed up as a bridesmaid, but in reality I'm not that good with a sewing machine yet and the material is the type that would fray hideously. So, it's landed on Etsy and already has 2 hearts!


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