Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Thrifted brooches

Following on from yesterday's post about vintage brooches from my family, here are my thrifted brooches that I've gathered myself.

I'm a big fan of costume jewellery, being rather hopeless at taking care of jewellery, I quite often lose, leave or break my pretty things. It's not through lack of care, I try to take good care of my brooches and necklaces, I just seem to have terrible luck when it comes to jewellery! Clasps come open and drop brooches on the ground, chains will break and necklaces slide silently off my neck, stones will drop out never to be seen again and I'll put things down and then not be able to find them later.

This makes cheap costume jewellery a blessing as it doesn't matter too much if I lose something that I bought for 50p from a car boot sale. After losing the silver locket my parents gave me for my 17th birthday, I worry constantly when I'm wearing jewellery with any kind of sentimental or monetary value. Andrew gave me a small gold locket with a diamond in the face for Christmas about 3 years ago and I love it and wear it all the time, but I constantly catch myself feeling for it to be sure it hasn't fallen off my neck.

These little shiny things I've collected from various car boot sales and charity shops and I love them for their lack of value! I can wear them worry-free and just enjoy them.


This was my first ever car boot buy, for 50p I seem to remember. I bought the little one above because it reminded me of this brooch and I thought if I ever lost this one, it would be nice to have something similar to replace it!


In the future I plan to amass a large collection of costume jewellery that I can pass on to my daughters, nieces and granddaughters! It's nice to have a different brooch for every occasion, day, hat, scarf...the list of possibilities is endless!


M-J said...

Amy, your post inspired me as I am thinking of making my own bridal headband, similar to some of the side cluster headbands I have seen on etsy. I think a brocch attached to a headband may be the solution. I will consulting you for crafting advice shortly! Might need to take a trip to the bead shop if you're up for it and see what we can come up with! xx

Amy said...

Ooo, awesome, I'm always up for some crafty fun! I've got exams next week and then I'm away down south until the 29th but after that I'm free! xx

Lainey said...

I'm totally with you on the paranoia when wearing jewellry. I hardly wear the necklace Gareth bought me not because I don't like it, but because I love it and don't want to lose/break it. Daft really, I'm sure I'd get more enjoyment from wearing it than I do with it sat safely in a box!

Amy said...

Haha, it's so true! What we need is some kind of alarm that would warn you if it was falling off, or a safety harness to catch it!