Thursday, 13 May 2010

Chunky cardigan!

It's finally finished! The WIP becomes the Finished Item and I am so pleased with it!

It's a pattern off Ravelry and buttons from Etsy (you can see the links to the pattern, button shop and Ravelry on my WIP post) and if I did it again I don't think I would change very much. I would maybe make the sleeves about an inch longer and the body about 2 inches longer, just because I like a longer style of jumper, but that's only because I'm an old lady who doesn't like exposing her back when I bend down.

Definitely going to knit myself more clothes in the future, it's so satisfying!





Oh, and if anyone's interested, the wool was from Great British Yarns (who let you pay with paypal) and it's Rowan Scottish Tweed in Olive, which is discontinued but amazing.


Sareth said...

Gorgeous - I always find finishing a cardigan really pleasing.
You did a great job!

M-J said...

Wow, impressive! A bit toasty for this time of year though! xx

Amy said...

Thanks to both of you :-) MJ - you'd be suprised, I'm a big weed who's constantly cold so I've actually got quite a lot of use out of it already! xx