Thursday, 6 May 2010

Andrew's Christmas present

So, I know it's 4 months late, but here's Andrew's Christmas present! The idea came about because I have a trunk full of clothes that I plan on altering or cutting up and a lot of them were wool jumpers. I also discovered an amazing charity shop in Musselburgh that sells clothes 3 for £2.50 and so Little Ugly Blanket's Bigger Brother was born (must show you guys photos of Little Ugly Blanket as well, my first ever attempt at crocheting a blanket!).

The backing is fake fur and it is so snuggly and warm! It's a really heavy blanket as well, which Andrew loves because he likes to sleep under a weight of blankets, even in summer (weirdo).




It's not the prettiest blanket I've ever made, but it is practical and cosy and so I love it!


Vertiline In Love said...

Aww, wow, that is so beautiful. What a great idea! & nice find on the Musselburgh charity shop of amazing cheapness. I was just down that way today and clocked all their charity shops, I may have to take a proper wander there one of these days. ;) x Claira

Amy said...

That charity shop is AMAZING! It's huge and everything is super cheap, it's everything you want in a charity shop :-)