Tuesday, 16 December 2008


For a while now I've been looking for the perfect teapot. Everytime I go into a charity shop I have a search but to no avail. So, since I've got no time to take photos of my own crafts at the moment (plus I'm embarressed to take photos in front of Andrew's flatmates, I don't think they understand the concept of a craft blog) I had a quick search on Etsy to see what I could see-see-see.

I really like the blue and white design on this one from Ric Rac and Buttons, it seems to shout 'Sweden!' at me.


I love the colours of this teapot from Jolly Polly Pickins.


I love how antiquainted this teapot looks from Vintage Foster Care, an old copper teapot just conjures up Dickensian times!


I'll have to keep searching, my perfect teapot is out there somewhere...

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