Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Crochet blankets - the best kind of blankets

Apologies to those who've been with me since my geekzoidtastic days, you might have seen this already. I've actually been really busy crafting recently, but everything is either unfinished or packaged up because I'm rubbish at remembering to take photos. So, to keep the blog-ball rolling (and also because we've got a slightly irritating house guest at the moment so I can't get any studying done), here's an old one from the summer.

I crocheted this for my friends Claire and Mikael, who got married in sweden over the summer. I love crocheting blankets, they're so easy and so good to do whilst watching TV, you don't really have to be paying much attention. They look quite impressive when you're done and people seem to really appreciate them so everyone's a winner. Also, I just saw this in a photo of their new flat that Claire posted on facebook (I know, I'm a facebook nerd, it's the saddest thing) and it makes me happy to know that it's taking pride of place on their new sofa.



We had a minor hedgehog emergency yesterday. This is the second time it's happened, Viola tries to go into hibernation. She gets really cold and sluggish and doesn't respond to you at all, especially suprising considering normally she's super huffy and trying to spike everything in sight. Hibernation is dangerous for African pygmies, 90% of the time they don't survive so you have to keep them warm enough so it's not an issue, cold triggers hibernation for them. After 10-15 minutes of being wrapped in a towel and held next to a heated wheatabottle she generally perks up, but it's a worry, what if it happens when we're not there to check on her? We're away to St Andrews in 10 days for the weekend and Andrew's flatmates will be feeding The Trons (the new nickname for the hedgehogs. When we first got him Hobbes quickly became Hobbetron then The Tron, now he's barely called by his real name.)

So, I went to Edinburgh Fabrics and bought some fleece (£1.50 for a quarter metre, bargain) to replace the strange bedding material she came with and we went to Pets At Home tonight to stock up on warming things. The best buy was definately this, how adorable is the name SnuggleSafe?! Her hogpod is now perched on top of that, so hopefully that'll stave off the cold overnight. We also had to buy an extortionately over-priced bag of her old food since she's refusing to eat Hobbes' food. Bloody woman, she's so high maintenance.

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