Thursday, 18 December 2008

Oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree...

We finally put up our christmas 'tree'! There's been a bit of a saga to this so I'll start at the beginning.

Andrew's flatmates Michelle and Chris announced a few weeks back that they were going to Asda to get a real tree in a pot, the kind you can use year after year. I'd been planning on buying one like that for ages but hadn't got round to it, so I was fully supportive of this idea and we all decided to split the cost 4 ways (including Andrew of course). Michelle and Chris returned with the cutest little tree imaginable and set about trying to find somewhere in the flat to put it up. Here lies the problems. The flat has a long but narrow hallway, meaning the tree wouldn't fit in the hallway. It would fit in the alcove where we keep the Trons but obviously they're in there so that doesn't work. There's no space in the kitchen/lounge area and so the only place left was Michelle's bedroom. Michelle is the unofficial flat matriarch, it's her name on the lease and she's the one who sorts all the bills. She also has the largest room, so it makes sense that the tree goes in there, it's just gutting because Andrew and I can't really enjoy it. You can see it as you pass the door, but that's about it. I was quite upset about this, I'd been really looking forward to getting a tree and had got mum to post up all my christmas decorations but it was all in vain.

So, I moped about this for a while, then went over to my grandparents' for dinner on Monday and to help them dress their tree. They'd had to cut some branches off the bottom to make it fit in the stand and so I pounced on these in delight and proudly bore them home to Andrew. But, problem upon problem, we couldn't find anything to stand them in. Cue: CHARITY SHOPS! A quick trip to Hope of Romania (and my first foray into there, I found a vintage Jaeger wool suit for £20! Sadly I looked a frump in it, but huzzah all the same) and I returned triumphant with the glass vase seen in the photos, all for the princely sum of £1.50. Next year we'll have a proper tree when we're living together, but for the moment this one will do nicely.



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