Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Crafty clothing

One thing I really want to start doing in the New Year is buying more handmade clothes. I'd never really thought of Etsy for clothing before, I don't know why not because it's pretty much my first port of call for everything else.
Cruising around though, I came across several things I'd love to get next year. This handmade pleated tube dress is lovely, as is this shawl sweatshirt from the same seller.


I love this funky teal sweater, though blatently I wouldn't look half as cute in it as the model. This high waisted pencil skirt is awesome, I would definately put that on my wishlist and it would look marvelous with my winter boots.

I think for pure whimsicalness (is that even a word?), this Late For Tea Dress has to win hands down. I would look quite ridiculous in it but still, how lovely would it be to run for a steam train in this dress, carrying a small battered leather hold-all and clutching your hat to your head, all Railway Children-esque?


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