Thursday, 11 December 2008


This is another golden oldie, so apolgies to those of you who've seen it before. I'm currently working on 2 new versions of it though, one in brown for Elisa for christmas and one in navy for a friend of Vicky's. Elisa's is going to be a late christmas present as I'm never going to get it done before christmas, so she's getting cushion covers instead.

This one is mine though and I love it, I wear it pretty much every day. It's such a simple pattern as well, it's from a girl on Craftster.


Sorry for the change in size, it looks so messy but I can't work out how to make photos larger in photobucket! I fail at the internets.


In other exciting news, my latest thriftstore find arrived and it is just as lovely as I thought it would be. Amy is happy.

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