Monday, 10 September 2012

Updating a handknit

Remember the BOB cardigan I made, way back in 2010? I love the blog, just as a record for my crafty endeavours. I never would have remembered when I made this cardigan, I was trying to work it out by myself, then just gave up and one quick search on my blog (the google search bar in the top left in case anyone out there needs to search, or there's a search bar to the right as well!) and there we have it, I finished it in May of 2010.

Anyway, I digress.

Remember when I made this cardigan? Remember the ridiculous chunky toggles I used at the time? Well, I loved them to begin with, but then over time the things I'd loved about them started to niggle me. Why are you so bloody chunky? I can't do up my coat over you. Or if I do, it makes me look lumpy in weird places, like I have a uni-boob coupled with a bizarrely shaped pregancy bump. Also, you make the cardigan sag at the front. Which, coupled with the slightly strangely shaped collar (my problem, not yours), makes this cardigan a bit unwearable. It languished at the back of my wardrobe for a while, until in my recent obsessive sort and clearance of the flat it got moved into my 'trunk of clothes to alter'. I'm determined to actually start altering some of these clothes, some of them have been in that trunk for over 4 years, it's silliness.


I didn't have 7 matching buttons so I've gone for 7 mismatching instead. I really like the outcome and I'm wearing it as I speak, so I judge this update a success!


M-J said...

Great update Amy, and well done you for starting to alter your pile of stuff to alter. I'm doing a 30 day declutter at the moment, getting rid of things I thought I would use but just haven't and it's quite liberating! I've got rid of a few items of clothing I am just never going to wear even though I convinced myself I would alter them, it feels good to create a bit more space.

Amy said...

It's so satisfying, isn't it! There are times where I feel quite claustrophobic, just with the amount of STUFF in the house, which is ridiculous! Talk about first world problems!