Monday, 17 September 2012

Two knitted baby hats, sitting on a wall

Heather's baby, Alma, is now 7 months old and has grown out of her panda hat (though still fits the farmyard cardigan!).  Heather requested some more knitted headgear so I've been busy at the needles.



For those interested, the pattern for this one is Little Sister by Linda Permann.  I'm about to add it to my Ravelry so if you're friends with me over there you can see my notes (I'm 'SecondFiddle' if you want to add me!).  I chose a crochet pattern because I was going away for a wedding and had to fly, so knitting needles are out.  Man, I suck at crochet!  It took several attempts to work out this pattern and I was close to giving up at one point.  I know this is controversial, but I'm not a huge fan of crochet.  I guess just because I knit more, I'm more comfortable with knitting patterns and what I'm doing and I can generally visualise what a pattern will look like by reading the instructions.  Crochet on the other hand, might as well be written in elvish for all the use I find it at times.


I started off adding the crochet hearts (using the Heart Fridgie pattern from Ravelry) out of some luminous pink wool I've had in my stash for years.  I decided afterwards that they're too blob-like though, they're not obviously hearts and the pink looked a bit tacky.  So I swapped them for the crochet flower, a skill I learned whilst making my new house blanket (another ongoing project).




This second one is Poppy by Justine Turner  I really liked the '20s style cloche but the short rows were a bit of a nightmare, I've got tiny little holes every time I wrap and turn.  I'm not entirely sure whether this is my poor technique or the yarn being quite smooth and so not filling in the spaces.  Either way, I'll be practicing them in the future! 

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M-J said...

Lovely! She's going to look so cute in these! x