Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Planning the next 3 months crafting

I don't think I've mentioned here yet but I've just got a job in York.  It's a small animal practice and I'm there on a 6 month temporary contract, which suits me perfectly since ideally I want to be in Scotland.  It'll give me the experience I need to hopefully get something more permanent in Edinburgh/Glasgow come next March.  It's a lovely practice, I worked there for 2 weeks a while ago and everyone is super friendly and helpful so I'm excited to start!

Since it's going to be 6 months away from the flat, I feel the need to plan my crafting for the next few months, at least up until Christmas.  I'm going to be back in Edinburgh every alternate weekend so in the meantime I'll need enough down in York to keep me occupied in the evenings.  I'm planning on joining a knitting group while I'm down there and I'd like to take a dressmaking course, if there's anything affordable and convenient timing-wise.  I'd also like to have riding lessons again but that's by-the-by since this is a craft blog!  I'm not going to have time to work at this rate...

I'm planning on taking my sewing machine with me, since I've also got Christmas presents to think of.  I'm currently halfway through sewing up a scarf for my Grandad, I'm using the red tartan from this skirt, it was left over from my Etsy shop when I shut down the vintage section and the material is lovely, 100% wool.  I'm backing it with some cream satin from my stash


I'm aiming for something like this (minus the tassels):

For Victoria this year, I'm making this awesome cable knit mini skirt.  Since she chose the pattern and yarn (Pebble by New Lanark) I can talk about it on the blog without spoiling the surprise.  I'm excited to try this pattern, I love a) cables, b) New Lanark wool and c) chunky yarn since it knits up so quickly!

Source: ravelry.com via Amy on Pinterest

For my Mum I'm knitting Owls by Kate Davies, again from New Lanark wool (I'm putting in a mass order this week!).  After Christmas I plan to knit myself one of these too, Mum and I (and Vicky!) can be matchy-matchy!

Source: ravelry.com via Amy on Pinterest

For myself I'm still slogging away at the Still Light Tunic.  It's not that hard going, it's just been put on hold for other projects recently.  I'm also planning on knitting myself a sweater from some amazing British Herdwick wool my Gran bought me for my birthday, I'm thinking of this Simple summer tweed top down V-neck (what a mouthful) since I'm needing a simple jumper to throw on over anything.  It looks a bit dull in the photo, but the projects made by folk my size make it look cuter, I think the trick is going to be waist shaping so I don't end up looking like I'm wearing a sack.


I'm also wanting to knit myself a hat, since all I've got is a pink tartan fur bear trapper and an old brown handknit that Andrew says 'makes me look like an old lady'.  Thanks love.  It's also a bit scratchy.

I can't decide between these three (I know some of the photos are of kids, the pattern does adult sizes too, before you point out the obvious size issues there)

Source: ravelry.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: ravelry.com via Amy on Pinterest

Source: ravelry.com via Amy on Pinterest

There's a bit of a cables theme going on right?  I've got some lovely green Debbie Bliss alpaca silk that's been languishing in my stash for too long now so I thought the time might be right for it to be hatified.

I've also got a baby present to make (I'm halfway through that but can't reveal just yet!) and the new house blanket to finish so I think for the moment I've got enough to be getting on with!  We'll see how much I get done between now and Christmas...

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