Thursday, 7 July 2011

Little shop update

I'm having the hardest time with my camera at the moment, the batteries are definitely dying, I have to charge them pretty much every time I switch the camera on. I switch it on, take 5 photos, upload them, switch it off, then next time I need it - 'batteries exhausted'. Queue much sweating, cursing and gnashing of teeth (or bruxism if you'd like the nerdy veterinary term) while I fight the inclination to throw the damned thing out the window, since I can't afford to replace it any time soon.


Vintage grey wool cardigan, made in Great Britain


Hence, the latest addition to the shop is somewhat grey and grainy, after about 57 attempts to get a good photo (with many battery chargings in the meantime) I gave up and just went with the best I could find. I often wonder in these cases if it's better to just not list the item at all, than list it with a sub-par photo and possibly put people off my shop altogether since it makes the whole venture look somewhat amateur. But for the moment, if I didn't list every item with a rubbish photo, I'd have a pretty much empty shop so I'll just grin and bear it. I'm still making the occasional sale so it can't be all bad!

Only 3 more days to enter my 50 Etsy sales giveaway!


M-J said...

Aww, Amy been there with the rubbish camera. There is a spec of dust on my camera lens that has been there for years and is in every single photo I took around the world. I finally treated myself to a new bridge camera though, it's amaze. I can bring it round one weekend for a mega photo taking sesh if you want? It'd be fun! xx

Amy said...

Ooo, that sounds amazing! I could make cakes! xxx