Thursday, 28 July 2011

6 year anniversary

Andrew and I have been together 6 years as of yesterday. It's crazy how quickly time flies, it seems like yesterday we were walking hand-in-hand across Trafalgar Square and I nervously blurted out, " want to be my boyfriend then?" Ah, so smooth. Saying that, one of our first dates he 'wooed' me with Saving Private Ryan so I guess neither of us played it that cool.


I bought him this letterpress linocut print off The Big Harumph on Etsy. It arrived with super fast postage actually on the day, which was lovely considering I clearly hadn't left enough time when I ordered it, what with exams and all. Still, at least he got a present, I have still yet to get a birthday present (from the 23rd of May no less) so I'm not holding out hope for an anniversary present until maybe the middle of September. Such is life, I have too much stuff anyway!

We did have a lovely day at the beach though, although now my face is an unnaturally red colour. Factor 50 my arse...

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