Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Vintage leather wallet part 1

I had a brief thrifting trip on my way to Blockbuster and back again yesterday (£1.50 for a new release film Monday-Thursday PLUS student discount = thrift-tastic!) and came up lucky with 2 vintage leather wallets and Julie and Julia on DVD. I've seen it twice before but I know my Mum and Gran haven't so I figured I'd watch it again (because it's awesome) then pass it on to them. Spread the DVD love.


Anyway, my favourite find was definitely this lovely brown leather vintage purse I stumbled across in Hospice of Hope. The lady even gave me 75p off it since she'd been the one to donate it and she reckoned it was too scuffed for its £3.50 price tag. Bargain! It needs a bit of a clean, but nothing a damp cloth and maybe some leather polish won't fix.


Much as I love my vintage handmade tapestry purse (made from recycled tapestry from my parents old dining chairs!), it's really too small for regular day-to-day use, I can't fit my Tesco clubcard coupons (an essential, I think you'll agree) or find any card when I need it (hence 10 minute scrabble in my purse every time I need my Blockbuster or Nectar card). This one is just a much better size and makes me feel like a proper adult. Tapestry purse will be retired, I'll think of some use for him ♥


The second wallet I'll show tomorrow, it's gone into the shop for now.

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