Thursday, 26 May 2011

Shop update

Here's the wallet I mentioned yesterday in my thrifting trip on the way home from Blockbuster. It's over in the shop now so you're welcome to have a browse if it takes your fancy.


I love that this wallet has a pocket for '£1' notes! According to Wikipedia, the £1 hasn't been legal tender since 1988, making this wallet at least 23 years old. It's in lovely condition though, I could see it in some gentleman's pocket, with their initials embossed on the front to match the silver writing on the inside.



Julia said...

Nice wallet Amy! I liked the old £1 note, which was still legal tender in Scotland until much more recently. I used to get paid in cash where I worked until 2003 and still got them in my pay packet then. I have a couple lying around somewhere, that I was going to use for some never to be realised craft project...

Amy said...

Wow, I didn't realise they were still legal tender here until so recent! I hope I'm not misleading folk on Etsy then? Though I looked on the website of the folk who make the wallets and they're an English company I think so I guess that means they wouldn't make £1 note openings nowadays!