Monday, 24 November 2008

Thrifting at the Bethany Shop

Well, studying continues as normal, plodding away in the library every day. I've got my favourite seat downstairs by the hot radiator for when I want to study alone and my second favourite seat upstairs by the tepid radiator and the window for when I want to study with other people around. Fun times eh?

Anyway, in between becoming a social hermit, I ventured into the Bethany Shop, conveniently and dangerously located right next door to Summerhall, where I go to uni. Well, what a treasure trove!

So far I have bought far too many things to list, it would just be too embarrassing, but I had to share this one with you. It's so sunny and yellow, I can't help but be cheered a little when I spread my butter on my toast in the morning. Also, made in England!! How often does that happen these days? Unfortunately winter-spread has occurred in the thigh region and so butter is being restricted these days, but still, it's such a lovely little thing to have in the kitchen.



Sunflower is definitely the right word.

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