Monday, 18 June 2012

I've been awarded the Liebster blog award!

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away I was awarded the Liebster blog award by Mary Jane of Paper Blossom stationary.  This is an award given to blogs with fewer than 200 followers, with the intention of helping fledgling bloggers off to a good start or to help raise the profile of more established bloggers struggling to have their voice heard.  You can see MJ's original post on the award over here.

I love blog awards, they really reflect what a supportive, creative community the blogging world really is.  Craft bloggers seem an especially nice bunch, so far I've seen very little spamming or flaming out there as I peruse my blogroll of a morning (unlike Livejournal back in the day, sheesh...).  Of course you're always going to get the odd bad apple, but on the whole I find the online crafting community to be super lovely.  I'd love to one day meet up with some of the folk whose blogs I so admire, especially Zoe, Tilly, Karen and Debi (who actually resides here in Edinburgh!).  Ooo, and Kate Davies, another Edinburgh resident!

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

But, since none of these fine folks need help with their blogs, without further ado I wish to award my Liebster award to the following peops:

Quidam Ela - Aberdeen zoology graduate turned Publishing Admin turned card maker, Elaine is a hot-shot dog trainer and is currently working on the biggest craft project of them all, a babchick!

Mindless Receptacle - authored by the same Elaine as above, but more focused on her drawings and hilarious, laugh out loud stories about the nightmares of renting and general thoughts on life.

Connecting Love Carolyn - a lovely feel-good blog about life, the universe and everything from my lovely friend Carolyn (another Aberdeen graduate, there's a theme building here...).

Stinging Needle - a knitting blog from another vet student turned craft genius, Imogene.  Imo is my go-to girl whenever I'm stuck with a knitting project, she's only been knitting a couple of years but has already churned out several majorly impressive projects, including this amazing reindeer jumper

Once you've been awarded the...award, you pass it on to another 5 bloggers who have fewer than 200 followers.  And so the cycle of nice continues.  I know I've only given it to 4 bloggers, but going through my blogroll I realised that these were the only blogs that had fewer than 200 followers.  Hopefully some nice person out there will have handed it out to 6 people to make up!

And because lets face it, no one reads blogs for the words, I've included some of my not-so-recent Pinterest finds.  I haven't properly been on Pinterest in weeks now, exams got in the way.  I'm ready to get back on that hoss now though!  I've already been experimenting with some new beauty regimes from Emma's everyday styling routine

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