Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Knitted lamb

Don't all knitted lambs need hooded jackets? Well, they do in Scotland, where it went from 20 degrees C and sunny last week to -1 and snowing this week. Luckily this little dude has his own coat, complete with toggles.


I used Fuzzy Mitten's Fuzzy Lamb pattern, which is a lovely free pattern for those of you on Ravelry. I bought the pack of 5 patterns for clothing, because every lamb needs a bad ass hoodie. And a superman cape. And a t-shirt. And's a cross-dressing lamb.



I've knitted two of these so far, they're so quick and satisfying to knit. Such a good stash-bust too, I've made them all from wool I already own, which is nice because I a) have too much wool (if such a thing were possible, ha!), b) have too little money and c) am moving house over the summer hopefully and am scared by how much stuff I own and how many stairs I live up. I realise that losing the odd ball of wool is not going to make a difference to the HUGE quantity of STUFF we're going to have to shift, but it makes me feel better in my head. Plus that's what men are for right? To carry all your shit up and down 3 flights of stairs?



M-J said...

he is just the cutest little lamb! And his coat is amazing! You're doing well with your stash busting, and I'll come help you move when the time comes! x

Amy said...

Aww, thank you! I might have to hold you to that! Whenever we do move, it's definitely going to involve hiring a van I think! xx