Sunday, 29 April 2012

Summer plans

I'm sorry dear readers, but I have nothing exciting to say at the moment, so I'm going to decorate this post with pretty pictures from my Pinterest. I'm deep in Study Land, emerging only to purchase over-priced cups of tea and glower at the ridiculously overdressed women in George Square library. Someone needs to tell them that appropriate clothing for studying is old jeans, bodywarmer (it gets cold in the library), cable knit cardigan (aforementioned coldness) and glasses. Pashminas, super-short miniskirts, over-done make up and Uggs have no place in the library, for no other reason than you annoy the hell out of me. Especially when you conduct 20 minute 'whispered' conversations with your BFF about how 'my art history exams are like, sooo hard'. I'm going to be super judgemental right now and just out and state, vet medicine = harder than art history. So take your annoying stage whisper downstairs to the cafe.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

I honestly don't have a problem with art history, just for the record.

Source: via Amy on Pinterest

The online craft world has changed so much in the few weeks I've been offline. Blogger has changed, Pinterest has changed...alright, just those two but that's enough to be getting on with. I'm so far behind with my blogroll and Pinterest, so many pretty pictures and posts just waiting to be looked at! In time, little Amy, in time...

In the meantime, this is to officially announce that my Etsy shop is no more. I'm away on my last 3 weeks of placement (eeh! So exciting!) next week so I've taken the opportunity to shut it down for good. I might come back to selling on Etsy in the future but under a different name and with a different product idea so for the moment, Etsy, I bid you adieu.

The Pinterest pictures in this post are my vague plans for 'if I don't have a job and have time to have a life this summer'. Looks like fun, non?


M-J said...

stupid people chatting in the library! Pretty sure Karen and I used to do that too though! Have fun on your placement, nearly there Amy, you can do it!
Also, those drawers look really good, looking forward to seeing the transformation!

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy, I'm a friend of MJ's - I love your blog! I've had my eye on that purl bee sweater for a while, too, and am also thinking of making it this summer! Silk yarn, mmmmm....

Amy said...

MJ - I'm sure I used to do it as well, Andrew and I were told off for it once by a law student, at the time I was so annoyed, now I totally understand!

Helen - thanks for stopping by my little corner of the interwebz! I'm hoping to have far more interesting (and regular!) posts once my exams are out of the way, I'm currently working on 3 crochet projects and 3 knitting projects so I'll have lots to post about once I've got more time to have a life!

M-J said...

Amy, hello, me again! I've been given a blog award thingimijig, not quite sure what it's all about, but I've also nominated you! Who knows, we may be inundated with new followers. it's over on my blog.... xx